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Prevent ants from infesting your house and garden

Ants can be a big nuisance once they infested your house and/or garden. Ants eat anything from plants to food crumbs, and even other insects as they are omnivores. Ants can cause a lot of damage to a house and/or garden, these include:

  • Contaminating food sources such as food kept in a cupboard as they can breed in the food packages and lay eggs in the packages which means the food is then contaminated and this can be expensive to replace, not to mention the nuisance of replacing wasted food that was contaminated by ants.
  • Ants can carry diseases because of their mobility, and this can be harmful to anyone such as small kids and adults if a serious disease is transferred from the ant to a food source or other items or places in the house or garden
  • Ants eat can eat your plants and leaves from trees which can disrupt the growth of the trees but also cause a lot of damage to your damage and can also lead to unnecessary expenses if not prevented or stopped in time
  • Ants can also bite, especially the larger ants which can be a shock to small children and an irritation to an adult


These reasons all contribute to the importance of preventing ants from infesting your house and/or garden. You can prevent ant infestations in the following ways:

  • Immediately close or seal off any source of ants that is visible to the eyes, if you can see the ants come from a crack in the wall or the floor outside, seal off this source immediately to prevent the ants from breeding forward and becoming more and more
  • Ensure that the house is clean because ants are drawn to pieces of food such as leftovers on the countertops or sugar that gets spilled, they also come after crumbs of food, and it is therefore very important to keep the house always clean, especially from food items that was spilled or that fell
  • It is important to also note that ants are attracted to water and if a tap is not closing properly or drips throughout the day, ants might be drawn towards the water source and this also includes leaking pipes, ensure that the taps are closed, and any leaks are fixed as soon as this is picked up.


Sometimes these preventative measures are not enough or if the ants already infested you might need a solution after the infestation and you can certainly contact a pest control specialist in this case, they will be able to assist you with all of your requirements such as the removal of ants and ant nests.

We at Pestatermite are dedicated to assist our customers with great services and these include ant control, contact us for a quote on any preventative treatments for your garden or house. You can also contact us anytime for a quotation should you require ant control services after ants has already infested your house or garden.


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