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Termite & Pest Control Gauteng

Choosing a pest control service in Gauteng can be a daunting and confusing task. While we don’t want services to cost the proverbial “arm and a leg”, compromising on quality can lead to more costs and damage to your premises down the road. Ensuring that effective and long-standing assurance from a licensed and experienced professional operator, using reliable & safe products can treat, remove and prevent further damage from invasive termites, weeds and pests that thrive in our warm Gauteng weather. 

When Choosing a Pest Control Service In Gauteng

Research – While proper sanitation and hygiene may be apparent, it may not mean that there are unwanted guests thriving below the surfaces. You may think that you have an ant infestation, meanwhile termites have been chomping on your structures for quite some time.  Doing your research on an experienced and trusted service provider may help you identify the pests and implement effective treatments that may not have seemed so apparent when realising that you needed to call in the experts. Professional specialists will conduct a thorough inspection of entry points, colonies and damage to your structures and recommend reliable solutions to fixing and limiting further damage. As much as you want to get rid of the problem immediately, spending some time choosing an appropriate service provider will help with ridding your premises of termites, weeds and pests in the long-term. 

Ask Questions – with over 30 years of experience in our industry, we have been servicing area’s throughout Gauteng and South Africa daily. Ensuring that each and every one of our operators are licensed and registered, we make use of SABS/SANS approved chemicals to not only offer termite control, weed control or pest control, but ensure the safety of your family, employees and pets. An established and credible service provider can offer references, licenses, types of pesticides and Herbicides, as well as details on how, when, where and why certain treatments will be conducted. Please let us know any concerns you may have about allergies, environmental harm or the effectiveness of the work we are doing.

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Working with us – we value your time and understand the hustle and bustle of Gauteng. To make our time spent applying pest control in your home and office space as quick and efficient as possible, we often ask you to remove your personal items from where we need access, empty a cupboard or place your pets in a safe environment beforehand, while we are applying our pest elimination techniques. In our guarantee of exceptional service, we will ensure top quality pest, termite and weed control services at any occasion that is suitable for you. 

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