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Termite & Pest Control Johannesburg

Tackling termites and pest control in Johannesburg may be a tiring and extensive process. Pest control services can determine why and how you are currently experiencing a pest invasion at your home, during construction or on your work premises.

Why is it important to call in professional pest control in Johannesburg?

Insects, rodents or unseen colonies can cause significant damage to your property and spread harmful germs and bacteria throughout your home and office spaces. Professional termite and pest control in Johannesburg reduces and eliminates the impact and future exposure of this happening, keeping you and your loved ones safer from contamination and unnecessary or unseen germs in your home.

How to choose a pest control company:

  • What services are offered? From pre-construction termite and weed proofing to the eradication and removal of rodents, ants, termites, cockroaches, fishmoths and more. It is important to know which services are offered and the specialised understanding of each type of pest removal.
  • Is the company licensed? The reason that this is important to enquire about, is that when spending your money on pest control, there are 2 things that you would like from that service, firstly, value for what you are paying for and the assurance that the pest removal will be done effectively, up to standard and have the long lasting effects needed. Our termite and pest control team in Johannesburg is certified with the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), Pest Control Service Industries Board (PCSIB) and the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA).
  • What pesticides and herbicides will be used? While pesticides and herbicides may sound harmful or daunting. Enquiring about the use of chemicals, and maintenance of a pest infestation is safe for you and your loved ones. Walking our customers through each step of the pest control process, we have designed and implemented solutions that are government and SABS/SANS approved and have the least environmental impact.

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