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Termite & Pest Control Vaal Area

Finding pests in and around your home and workplace is never a comfortable experience. From moth eggs to ant infestations, we take pest control in the Vaal area very seriously.

Pest & Weed Control Tips For The Vaal Area

No matter how clean and tidy your living, holiday and workspaces may be, we are all susceptible to out of control invasions in our spaces. We look at contributing factors as to why we get termite, weed and pest infestations:

  • Seasonal changes – with on-going and changing weather patterns, we are noticing that different bugs are making their way into different areas. Have you noticed an increase in flying ants, termites or weeds taking over your lawn? You may have been staying in the Vaal area for quite some time and suddenly noticing a new type of pest damage around you. Insects living in a disrupted ecosystem may mean they are moving into yours. 
  • New neighbours and old furniture – this one might sound a bit strange, but hear us out. Introducing new plant life, antique or infested furniture or starting new renovations to your surrounding areas may disrupt colonies and bring a whole new meaning to communal living. 
  • Plant sharing – with the rise in landscaping, community garden services, an increase in certain type of crop demands and having more plants in your home and office, plant and equipment sharing poses a higher risk to bringing weeds, seeds and potentially invasive plant life into your home and garden. 
  • Establishing colonies – when termites are agitated in their current environment due to construction, weather changes or to expand colonies, your woodwork may be at risk. Have you spotted flying termites, discarded wings, hollow sounding woodwork or seen tunnels left by termites?
  • Unchecked wood – hosting a festive braai or bonfire? Checking wood that you may have purchased before planning for the big event might be a preventative measure in transporting termites into your home and garden.

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Whether you are waging a war on clicking noises coming from your walls, finding ants everywhere you turn or simply need peace of mind to know your home is safeguarded against further and costly damage, our highly qualified pest control team offer over 31 years of experience and high praise from satisfied commercial and private customers. 

While there are many other reasons that you may need termite, pest and weed control in the Vaal and its surrounding areas, our Pestatermite team are conveniently located and dedicated to ridding your property of pesky termites, widespread weeds and unwanted pests in a safe and effective manner. Get in touch with our team today!

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