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Termite & Pest Control North West

Sometimes we do not want to admit that pests such as Termites, Weeds and Ants have invaded our personal spaces, possibly causing more damage and costs down the line. With pests The only preference  is to set up a new colony with comfortable surroundings and ease of access to their needs, your home and office might seem like the perfect place to them. Avoid the tingle down your spine and call our pest control team in the North West Province.

Tops signs to identify Termites in your home and workspaces:

  • Visible damage – this might be the most obvious sign of Termite activity or colonies around you. Are you finding Termite Frass, seeing mud tunnels or noticing your wooden structures being under added stress and damage? These visible signs may mean there is a Colony lurking in your home and office space.
  • Check your flooring – Does your wooden flooring look as if it has water damage and no visible sign of where the water is coming from? Termites might be feeding on them below, causing a blister like appearance on the surface of your beautiful floors.
  • Flying Termites– have you noticed an increase in Termite wings at your entry ways such as windows, doors and air vents? Termites may have left their nests to establish a new one colony. Their twisted off wings mean that they have found a suitable environment to set up their new home, causing damage to yours.
  • Check the wood – these noisy little eaters like to set up their colonies in your wooden beams, furniture, gardens and more. Their trademark head banging noises may leave you with the suspicion that there might be Termites in a specific structure. Generally tapping on the wood will unsettle the colony and you may hear them, or hollow sounding wood are good indicators to call in our North West Province team.
  • Tight doors and windows – seasonal changes may impact the ease of use of your wooden doors and window frames, cause for concern is noticing that you have increased stiffness in using your entry points outside of the damp or weather changes. The moisture associated with these pesky little pests can damage and Cause a need for a little extra muscle and elbow grease when opening and closing your windows and doors.

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