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Termite & Pest Control Pretoria East

There is always a good time to call in professional termite and pest control in Pretoria East. From preventative planning to getting rid of an out of control infestation, protect your home and family from all that comes with having pests invade your spaces.

Types of termites and pests in Pretoria East:

Subterranean Termites

These types of termites are the ones that we first think of when we think of termites, and are easy to control with the right subterranean termite control experts. Known as the silent destroyer, these termites cause the most damage out of the termite family. They live and thrive on wood and wooden structures, sometimes causing irreparable damage where they have set up their homes.

Harvester Termites

While you may be focusing on your interior wooden structures, Harvester Termites can cause total destruction to your lawn and garden by feeding on dead and living plants. Do you think you might have harvester termites that need removing or are noticing that you have holes in the ground surrounded by a small mound of soil?


These hard workers are usually easier to see and harder to get rid of for the sheer number and size of their colonies. Ants establish their homes closest to spare food and easy water sources and can be a pain when you leave food, spills or pet bowls unattended. With the ability to get inside your walls and be difficult to remove a whole colony, calling in termite and pest control in Pretoria East is a successful solution to the ant infestation.


Having wild rats and mice in your home poses a serious health issue when they come in to contact with your food, belongings and family. Being strong carriers of bacteria and disease, we offer a quick and thorough service to safely remove rodents without harming your pets and local wildlife such as owls that may ingest them.

Other Pests 

We offer services that remove fishmoths, cockroaches fleas, bedbugs and more. We provide an in-depth service to ensure that your home and office is safe and pest free. We have been pest removal industry experts for over 21 years. Guaranteeing a professional and safe service of termite and pest control in Pretoria East. Contact our helpful support team today for more information.

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