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PESTATERMITE cc specialises in Soil Poisoning and Weed Control in the construction sector. We have treated over 30 000 buildings against Termites. We Pride ourselves in being one of the only companies who can help you almost immediately in any area.

Our extensive knowledge in termite control in the construction industry and know how have made us the “go to company” when you need advice and immediate assistance.

We offer different warranty options from 5 – 10 year warranty for Pre construction Termite treatment, 6 – 24 Month warranty for Weed Control for your paving or structures or even a combination of both Termite & weed control options.

A few projects completed successfully in the past few months include:

PESTATERMITE cc has an up to date safety file and will implement all safety requirements along our specific trade, to suite your client’s safety specifications.

No project is too big or too small.

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