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Termite & Pest Control Menlyn

Pest are insects and animals that can destroy areas of your property, from skirtings, roof trusses to trees and your bed, effective termite and pest control in Menlyn is used to reduce and remove harmful pests and their life cycle from your home and work space. 

We take a look at the type of pests that can invade your space in Menlyn and its surrounding areas:

Subterranean Termites: these noisy eaters are incredibly destructive to your property. As feeders on wood, your furniture, garden and infrastructure, colonies pose a dangerous risk and more often than not, cause irreparable damage before they are even detected. Using a professional termite and pest control team in Menlyn ensures that the termites are traced and eradicated and the potential threat and assist with future preventative measures. 

Cockroaches: these tiny crawlers have been around for millions of years, and so it comes as no surprise that getting them out of places like behind your sink or stove, more of a challenge. Carrying bacteria and illnesses, seeing one cockroach may mean there are many more close by.

Rats and Mice: these furry little pests cause not only damage to your home and property, but pose a significant risk to your health too. Leaving behind droppings and mess, these quick carriers and spreaders of disease can grow their infestations quickly. 

Bedbugs: despite their name, bed bugs can take up residence in your mattress, pillow, headboard carpets, clothing and couch to name a few. Leaving you and your family with angry welts and shivers at the thought of them. 

Mosquitoes: Enjoying the warmer climate, mosquitoes are spending more time around than we would like them to. We track where their larvae is growing and 

Ants: as one of the most common household pests, their colonies can make tunnels throughout your home and become a nuisance for any spills, pet bowls or crumbs left behind.

Flies: the year-round comfortable Menlyn and Pretoria weather overall is an attractive environment for flies and spreading diseases. Maturing in just a few days, your home could face a fly infestation very quickly. 

Using termite and pest control in Menlyn is an efficient way to ensure your home is pest free. Using professional skills, many years of industry experience and the best quality products, we save you time, money and effort. Contact our termite and pest control team today – (012) 329-3617

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