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Termite & Pest Control Brooklyn

There are little to no benefits of having pests in and around your home and office. The only perk is having high quality, thorough and knowledgeable termite and pest control near to you in Brooklyn, Pretoria. Conveniently located, we at Pestatermite can quickly inspect, understand and treat your invasive little home raiders. 

Do you need more reasons to call our Brooklyn Pest Control team in? We offer:

  • Convenience – with our team focusing on your area, we make sure we can get our top termite and pest control specialists to you as soon as possible. Based in Brooklyn, we also understand the type of pests common to the area and the most effective ways to treat them. What is better than supporting a local team that fully understands your needs? 
  • Years of Experience – with over 31 years in the industry, we have years of tried and tested methods that ensure to rid your living and working spaces of any disruptive and destructive infestations. Our thorough knowledge of pest control means that you are getting years of knowledge in every single booking and visit from us.
  • Passion – we have made ridding your spaces of rodents, termites and other pests our business. We do this while keeping your family, employees and pets safe from our treatment solutions.
  • Quality Guarantee – our termite removal services are unmatched in our industry, for the good. We strive to remove, treat and create long term, sustainable solutions to ensure that pests are causing as little infrastructural damage, spreading germs and expanding their colonies in your spaces. 
  • Peace of mind – while many may shiver at the thought of cockroaches, fleas and rodents, to name a few, bringing bacteria and harmful germs into your home, we offer peace of mind in all of our pest control solutions. It is our goal to keep you and your family safe and we will get rid of any harmful and invasive insects and critters in your spaces. 


Our licensed operators have years of experience of working on pest & termite control and around Brooklyn, Pretoria and South Africa. We are servicing Brooklyn daily with extensive knowledge of termite, weed, ant, rodent and cockroach control and how they live and breed in their environment, creating long-lasting treatment solutions for you. Save yourself time, frustration and one to many DIY attempts and call the termite and weed control specialists in Brooklyn now. Contact us today.

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