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Termite & Pest Control Randburg

Termites and pests are extremely invasive and harmful to your home and office spaces. Causing extensive damage to the integral structure of your property, they are also capable of causing considerable damage to your garden and lawn too. 

Treating termites

Identifying termites in your home can happen in a few different ways, from hearing their loud head-banging like sound in your roof, knocking on hollow wood or finding discarded wings around your home, it is never an enjoyable experience to realise and know that you have termites. Being tempted with many do it yourself options and initially sound appealing to your pocket, it is important to entirely rid your property of termites due to the destruction they are capable of causing. Living in colonies, our professional termite and pest control team in Randburg knows how to track and understand the extent of termite damage around your property. Our goal is to successfully treat and area and ensure that there is a sustainable maintenance plan to prevent them coming back anytime soon. 

Pest Control 

Pests include a vast array of insects and rodents that could be bringing harmful bacteria and infection into your home and near to your loved ones. While the mere thought of a pest invasion gives you shivers, we want to give you the peace of mind that they have been removed from your space. Our experienced and industry leading pest control specialists know the telltale signs of various types of pest infestations, from ants to rats and so much more. 

Our termite and pest control specialists in Randburg know the type of pests in the area and how to effectively treat the source and eradicate them as quickly and efficiently as possible, while keeping your family, employees and pets safe through our treatment plans. 

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Give yourself one less thing to worry about with a pest free home. Our unmatched skills and services have been tried and tested throughout our 21 years in business making sure your property is termite and pest free from pre-construction and for many years to come. Contact our local team today for an obligation free quote – Message Now. 

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