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Do you need to Disinfect and Sanitize a building or home?
Treating a building is quick & efficient. The process requires you to be out of the treated area for around 2 hours & takes around an hour to complete the Sanitation or Disinfecting Fogging procedure.

Whatever you need treated, we can do it.

Our building sanitization treatment includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Cars, Busses, Trains, Taxis, Houses, Warehouses, Offices, Hospitals etc.

Pestatermite uses a Thermal Fogging Machine which heats up the high quality fogging liquid to a Vapour Mist to ensure the building Disinfectant & Steriliser would reach and make contact with every nook & cranny.

With the constant flow of not only people, products & air in between our homes & offices, this could bring on many new & unwanted Microbes that could possible cause many different diseases & infections.

These Microbes vary greatly in size, so no place is too same for them to hide.

When it comes to your safety & the Safety of your loved ones, why take the chance?

Contact Pestatermite cc today for an obligation free quote, so that we can ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

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