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Termite & Pest Control Garsfontein

With year round hot and hardy climate, pests, weeds and termites thrive in the comfortable Garsfontein, Pretoria surroundings areas. Whether you are looking for one, or several pest control treatments, we are sure to rid your home and office of bothersome invaders while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and effective pest control that is safe for you, your loved ones and your staff.

Services offered by our pest control team in Garsfontein

Termite Control – termites are a common pest to let an audible sigh of frustration out on. This poses a very real threat to your building, wooden structures and your garden. These noisy invaders quickly establish colonies, causing damage before it may become visible to the eye. Professional pest control services know how to identify and trace the root of the colony and provide an effective solution as well as a future prevention plan to your property from potential termite threats. 

Ant Control – As the weather gets warmer, ants come out in search of water sources. In a hotter climate, that means that ants may be around longer than normal, creating a maze of tunnels throughout your home. Posing a frustrating nuisance to any exposed food or pet water bowls left unattended. We offer ant control services for inside & outside your property within your surrounding area.

Rodent Control – we would like to keep rodents, rats and mice out of your home or restaurant kitchen. Being carriers of bacteria and disease, rodents are quick breeding and can adapt your home to house several colonies in a single space. Searching for shelter from the heat, cold and in search of food and safety, rodents can cause costly damage to your health, electrical wiring, roof and more. 

Cockroach Control – as the most common pests, cockroaches bring with them the spread of disease, bacteria and allergies. Being quick, small and active at night, knowing you have a cockroach infestation may be hard to detect. They multiply quickly and are often hard to treat with Do-It-Yourself treatments. 

Do you think your home and office is being shared with any pests, weeds and termites? Our conveniently located and professional Garsfontein pest control team can offer you quick and expert services to rid your property of these and various other pests. Get in touch with us today!

Ask Questions – with over 30 years of experience in our industry, we have been servicing area’s throughout Gauteng and South Africa daily. Ensuring that each and every one of our operators are licensed and registered, we make use of SABS/SANS approved chemicals to not only offer termite control, weed control or pest control, but ensure the safety of your family, employees and pets. An established and credible service provider can offer references, licenses, types of pesticides and Herbicides, as well as details on how, when, where and why certain treatments will be conducted. Please let us know any concerns you may have about allergies, environmental harm or the effectiveness of the work we are doing.

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