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Termite & Pest Control Pretoria

Are you looking for unmatched and unparalleled solutions to pest, termite and weed control in Pretoria? Avoid and prevent an invasion or the potential long-term damage to your wooden framework or damage to your lawn and garden with Pestatermite. We are your go-to team for reliable termite, ant proofing, weed control, contractual, industrial and domestic treatment in and around Pretoria.

How our pest control services can help you

You might have an idea of what kind of bothersome infestation you are dealing with or be working on a suspicion that you have termites or pests in and around your buildings. What may come as a surprise is the extent of the invasion or how to treat the root nests and hives to reduce the long-standing side effects to your health and home.

Our licensed and registered pest professionals can effectively assess, treat and prevent further pest infestations in Pretoria and surrounding areas daily. Our SANBS certified team can track down moderate to severe infestations and accurately lay bait traps to ensure the removal of the entire termite or pest colony.

Beat the bugs

With your home and work areas playing a vital role in your investments and day to day activities, termites and bugs thriving on your wooden structures can cause unseen and highly costly damage from small furniture items to damaging your integral building structure.

Signs to look out for when spotting termite or pest troubles:

  • Are your walls clicking? Termites can be noisy eaters!
  • Are you finding an increased amount of dead pest bodies on your windowsills or lying nearby to your skirtings?
  • Is there a hollow sound when knocking on your wooden doorframes, bookcases, cabinets or wooden items? Termites thrive in wood from the inside out. If knocking on your door frames or wooden structures is giving off a hollow sound, you might want to call in a team!
  • Have you noticed the gnaw marks on your plants and trees or unsightly damaged patches?
  • Ant trails and ant hills alongside your pavement or cracks.
  • Are the weeds in your garden unsightly and damaging your paving or damaging to your plant life and their resources?
  • Are you building a new home or office block? Prepare land by treating pesky weeds, termites and potential invasions that may interfere with your building site.

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