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Termite & Pest Control Limpopo

With mostly dry and sunny days, pest infestations in Limpopo can enjoy a longer life span and life cycle in many homes and businesses. Boasting a hot and comfortable environment, termites, weeds and pests can thrive and become a nuisance to your premises. Our Limpopo-based pest & termite control team is dedicated to offering sustainable and long-term solutions to effectively treat infestations and address various the types of pest invasions. 

When Choosing a Pest Control Tips In Limpopo

How to identify common household pests: 

  • Termites: while generally being able to hear termites burrowing in your wooden structures, often times termite infestations can go unnoticed. Tapping on wood and listening for a hollow sound is one way to think that you might need to call in the professionals.
  • Ants: while ant trails are fairly obvious to see, the channels and paths that they have established in your foundation, garden and walls may be leading to a bigger invasion. While ants generally seek water, finding ants in food, pet food and water sources is not ideal. We track the colony and provide a sustainable barrier to prevent further entry and access to your spaces. 
  • Cockroaches: Clever and quick, the most obvious sign to telling if you have cockroaches is seeing one. They generally come out at night and enjoy easy access to snacks and food. These resourceful pests can crawl through small holes and cracks whilst moving quickly and often going unnoticed for periods of time. Spotting cockroach bodies and feces are a sure way to realise there may be more of them than you think. 
  • Weeds- if you are preparing land, renovating or finding a new weed invasion consuming your lawn, hindering the environment crucial to weeds survival and spread, can keep your ground coverings in their best shape yet. 
  • Bed bugs – knowing you have bed bugs can be quite tricky. Whether they present themselves by biting you, leaving an odour or excrement on your mattresses and furniture, it is important to rid your home or storage container of these miniscule parasites. 

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While there are various other pests that could be proving bothersome, our experienced and highly recommended pest control team have been servicing your area daily for over 31 years. With our vast portfolio of pest control solutions, there is no infestation too big for us.  With every single one of our termite, pest and weed operators being licensed and registered with the Department of Agriculture; and trained to use SABS/SANS approved chemicals, we ensure the most effective solution and satisfaction guaranteed. 

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