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How do I get rid of Mole crickets on my property?

If you are suspecting or aware of a mole cricket infestation on your property it is best to deal with it as soon as possible.

Mole cricket infestations can take on many forms and the most common proof that there is a cricket infestation on your premises will be dying grass and irregular patches on the lawn which can sometimes be accompanied by dirt piles on the lawn. Dying flowers in flowerbeds are also proof that mole crickets might have infested your property.

Mole crickets target root systems of grass and certain crops because their diet consists of the insects on the root, the roots themselves and the actual shoot of the grass as well, these insects create tunnels underneath the turf of the lawn which leads to even further damage of the grass or flowerbed.

This means that your lawn will no longer be the green oasis that you once had, and the flowerbed might not be as lively and beautiful as before. Therefore, getting rid of these insects is a priority once you suspect the presence of mole crickets.

These insects are light or dark brown and about 3cm or 4cm long. They have wings and wide front legs resembling spades for easy digging through soil to make the tunnels underneath the grass. The hind legs are much shorter than regular crickets.

To ensure that you have mole crickets on your lawn you can make a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water and throw it into the parts of grass that you suspects are damage by these insects, this solution should make them rise to the surface further proving that you have a mole cricket infestation.

Mole crickets are treated by individuals with a lot of over-the-counter products and DIY methods; however, these are not guaranteed to rid your property of these insects once and for all.

Mole crickets can bring down the aesthetic value of your property and can make selling or renting out of a property difficult, but mostly, it is just not something any individual wishes to have in or on their lawn.

We have various methods, equipment, and the right products to ensure that your property is rid of mole crickets. Our expert team of pest control specialists at Pestatermite have extensive knowledge in the termination of these insects.

If you suspect or become aware mole crickets on your lawn, be sure to contact us today or browse our website at to find out how we can help you get rid of these insects and once our experts terminated the mole crickets you will have the chance to get your garden back to the state that is was before the infestation. We are here to help you.


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