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What is the lifecycle of a cockroach?

Cockroaches are nasty little insects with brown bodies and six legs. These insects can cause a major nuisance in your household and even in businesses should they infest the property.

Cockroaches eat both plants and animals because they are omnivores. This means that all of the items in your kitchen are approved on their food menu and stand the chance to get infested. These insects will eat anything that they can find in order to survive and reproduce.

This also means that once you have an infestation, the chances are extremely good that you will keep having an infestation for the months or years to come as they reproduce and if they are not terminated from the property. The infestation will just grow further.

It might be helpful to know the lifecycle of a cockroach to help spot an infestation and interject immediately. The lifecycle proceeds as follows:

  1. Adult cockroach lays an egg
  2. The egg hatches into a Nymph
  3. The Nymph grows into two larger stages
  4. The Nymph then transforms into an adult cockroach


This cycle will keep repeating itself over and over again if these insects are not taken care of.

Cockroaches tend more towards dark and clammy areas such as behind or underneath cupboards in the kitchen, and this is also where the eggs are hatched because this is the optimal humidity for cockroach eggs to lay and hatch after about two months to form the nymph.

The nymph already requires food resources and is already a threat to your food cupboard at this stage in the lifecycle of the cockroach.

It is imperative that you ensure termination of any cockroach infestation that you are aware of to remove any nuisance and damage cause by presence.

At Pestatermite, this is exactly what we do. We ensure that these insects are no longer a threat to your property and food resources. We are equipped with the necessary products, and we have a dedicated team of specialists that are ready to terminate these insects for you.

Contact us at Pestatermite today and browse our website for more information and details on how our pest control services can assist you with the termination of the cockroach infestation in or around your premises, we are here to help you.


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