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What do bed bugs look like?

Bedbugs are tiny, brownish insects that feed on human or animal blood. The flat bodies of adult bedbugs are roughly the size of an apple seed. However, after eating, their bodies enlarge and take on a crimson hue. Although annoying, it is not believed that they spread illnesses.

Beg bugs can invade your premises through clothing, worn mattresses and sofas, luggage, and other goods. They can squeeze into areas that are only a little wider than a credit card because to their flattened bodies. Bed bugs reside in colonies in concealed areas. Mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and headboards are frequently where they first hide since they provide easy access to prey for night-time biting.

You can see if you have an insect infestation if you wake up itching, especially if you recently purchased a used bed or other used furniture around the time the bites first appeared. There are also other indications of bed bug infestations such as actual evidence of these small insects in or around your house,

If you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation in your home you can try ridding your premises of them through cleaning your mattress, linen, carpets, and the areas surrounding the infested space. This can help in some cases but to ensure effective removal of bed bugs, it is best to seek specialised advice.

At Pestatermite we specialise in spotting and terminating bed bugs and we want to help you with your bed bug problem. Contact us today and browse our website to get more information on how our expert team of professionals can make this happen.


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