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Summer coming up; Prevent ant infestations

Ants can be a huge nuisance when they infest your home or property. Ants might be small, but the damage and the annoyance that they cause isn’t quite small, it can be huge, and it can cost you time and money.

Ants usually make their appearance in the summertime because they hibernate during winter. During the summertime ants gather all the food and nutrients they require to hibernate again during the next winter to come.

Summer is coming up in South Africa which automatically means that ants will be out and about very soon.

Ants makes damages in all types of was. There are certain ants that cause so much damage that it is equivalent to the damage caused by termites. Other types of damages that other ants can cause is creating nests in hollow wood. These ants don’t eat wood as termites do, they damage wood by tunnelling through it.

There are some ants that can even bite sometimes which can hurt quite much, this is a great nuisance and can be frightening, especially for little kids. This is exactly why it is important to terminate an ant infestation or even better, to prevent an ant infestation proactively.

Pestatermite specialises in the eradication of ant infestations, and we can help you get rid of, or prevent these insects from taking a toll on your valuable items and premises.

We have a resolute team of pest control specialists at Pestatermite, we use professional & approved products and equipment to provide our clients with the high-quality services that we pride ourselves in.

Contact us today and browse our website if you have an ant infestation in your property or you want to work proactively by letting us assist you in preventing ant infestations in and around your property.

Pestatermite is here to make your life as easy as possible with our specialised pest control services, we want to help you today.


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