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Pest Control Services in Pretoria East

Are you looking for Pest Control services in Pretoria East? Pests can be a great nuisance, ranging from rats, termites or even cockroaches. These Pests can cause extensive damage to your property and create a feeling of restlessness & annoyance for yourself & your loved ones.

Rats & mice not only carries unwanted diseases, but could damage your property; Termites could easily cause damage to your wooden furniture or plants and trees in your garden. Cockroaches are not only dirty, but carry diseases that could be dangerous to your health. These pests are extremely hard to get rid of if you do not have the necessary skills, knowledge, and products to terminate these pests.

Individuals trying to get rid of these pests by themselves with homemade or off the shelf products, might not always be as effective & cost conscience as one might believe. Spending small amounts here and there on products that just don’t seem to do the trick, may end up costing you more than a professional service, not to mention time wasted by spending weeks if not months testing every product purchased.


Pests can be more prominent certain times of the year due to weather and climate changes and have a way of hiding extremely well throughout certain times of the day, so you might have a suspicion that there is an infestation or presence of nests near or in your house. If you suspect that there is a pest infestation in or around your property, or you have spotted these pests, the best route to follow will be to contact a professional pest control company as soon as possible.

At Pestatermite we specialize in pest control services, and we operate in Pretoria East to assist residents with pest infestations. Our services and products are of the highest quality to ensure that you no longer need to worry about these pests infesting your house.

Our expert team of Pest Control specialists have the required knowledge and skills to remove the infestation and ensure that another infestation is prohibited. We pride ourselves in the high-quality services that we provide, and we will ensure that you get the same services for your property in Pretoria East.

Contact us today or visit our website for more information on how we can assist you with the quality pest control services that we provide, we are here to make life a little easier for you in the best way we can.


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