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How to spot termites

Termites in South Africa pose a massive threat to a lot of property owners and/or home occupants.

Termites are the type of insect that are not only an eye sore for your beautiful home but can cost home owners quite a lot of money, should they cause destruction and disintegration of valuable items or structures.

Termites’ lifecycle starts at the egg, then hatches into a young Larvae which undergoes several molts, developing into either supplementary reproductive termites, worker termites, soldier termites, or the king and/or queen.

These insects can survive under the foundation of your home or in your wooden structures & walls for extended periods of time and are therefore quite difficult and nearly impossible to treat with your general over the counter products or home-made products.

In South Africa there are two main Structural Damaging  of termites, the Subterranean termite ( creamy white in colour)  and the Drywood termite (pale brown in colour), both are a nuisance to the owner of the home, furniture piece or piece of wood these insects claim for themselves, as they cause destruction and can cause disintegration wherever they go.

These insects can cause not only damage to skirtings, windowsills & doorframes within the structure of your home, but in bad infestation cause structural damage to roof trusses & walls.

Termites can be spotted in the following ways:

  • Visible mud tubes on the outside of your residence
  • Hollow wooden items in the home or around the house
  • Paint that starts to change shape such as the addition of bubbles
  • Small wings that can be found near windows and/or doors


If you have any of the above visible signs in or around your premises, the chances are that these termites have already infested your property, and it can be especially hard to get rid of these pests afterwards.

The safest way to ensure your residence is termite free is to proactively get a professional & licenced pest control company to treat your home from outside inwards for any termite infestations. These preventative measures can stop a colony from choosing your residence as their next home.

Here at Pestatermite we can not only prevent your home from being infested by Termites, but through our extensive drill & injection Methods we will be able to successfully rid your home of any existing termite infestations that is present. We offer a range of warranty options for your home, business or Buildings in and around South Africa.

Call Pestatermite today for assistance or send us an email, we are here to help you!


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