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Do I have Bed bugs in my house?

Bed bugs are small red-brown insects that feed on human flesh and can cause a big nuisance when these insects infest your house. The name bed bug can make you assume that these insects only appear in your bed, however, these insects can actually be all over your house.

Where do bed bugs infestations occur?

  • The most common place for bed bugs to infest is the mattress and that is mainly why they are called bed bugs
  • Bed bugs can infest carpets
  • Bed bugs can be found in couches
  • Headboards are often a place where bed bugs infest


What signs do I look for to find out if I have bed bugs?

  • Bed bugs feed on human flesh and there can be small specs of blood in the bed or on the couch that resemble small rust spots on the bedding, these are usually a sign of a bed bug infestation
  • Bed bugs can also leave behind small pieces of old flesh and if you therefore see a lot of dead skin resembling dandruff in the bed or on the couch you have a big chance that bed bugs has infested
  • There can be small, microscopic eggs behind the headboard or under the carpet these are white/beige looking and is a definite sign that bed bugs are present in your house
  • There can be small dark or rusty spots on your mattress or bed which is a sign of bed bug excrement
  • If you wake up with small red spots on your body the chance that it was bed bugs that bit you is very high


If you can detect one of these signs or simply just want to prevent such an infestation due to the inconvenience and nuisance it can cause, it is extremely important to treat  such an infestation as soon as possible.

How to get rid of bed bugs?

There are a few DIY methods that a lot of people start out to use, however, these are rarely affective and can cause even more nuisance and can cause you to waste your time. It is much more effective to get a professional person to assist with such an infestation.

Call us at Pestatermite or visit our website for a quote so our team of highly professional pest control specialists can help you get rid of these infestations entirely and in a thorough way. We have years’ of experience in bed bug infestations and we will make sure to take this inconvenience off your shoulders for good.


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