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Can Rainy Weather Attract Insect Infestations?

Insect infestations can come in all shapes and sizes, it can occur during summer, winter, autumn, and spring. If these creatures decide to infest, they will.

While insects are drawn to warmer and dryer weather conditions, they do also require water resources, and this is where rainy weather might seem like the perfect time to infest, however, sunny weather remains the top preference for these problematic creatures.

Insect infestations are usually easily spottable, and this is usually the main reason for homeowners or residents to act against these pests. Signs can differ for each type of insect, but the most common sign is usually damage caused by these creatures and insect remains that are also visible in most cases.

Ants usually create sand heaps which is easily spottable, termites create damage to wood, and leave behind mudlike or granular heaps. Cockroaches will usually be spotted when these insects come out to feast or move from one place to another, other signs for cockroaches are also smelly odours and food packaging that are damaged.

Each and every insect is different in some way, but all of them infest for the same reason, food sources. Ants and cockroaches feast on human food, plants, insects, and other animals. Termites feast on anything that contains wood as an ingredient and this is usually where furniture and our wooden home structures such as skirtings, doorframes, and roof trusses come in to satisfy their dietary requirements and preferences.

All of these insect infestations can be an extreme nuisance and should be terminated as soon as these are spotted or in some cases you can even implement preventative measures to avoid infestations as a whole.

There are many different off-the-shelf products and DIY tips and processes that can be followed to try and get rid of these infestations; however, it is strongly recommended that professional advice is sought when you suspect or know of an insect infestation in or around your property.

At Pestatermite we specialise in the termination of insect infestations, and we are here to help you get rid of these annoying creatures so you can have certainty that these insects will no longer be a nuisance or cause damage to your property.

So, while insect infestations can happen whether or not the weather conditions are suitable for them, our expert team of pest control specialists at Pestatermite will ensure that you no longer have to concern yourself with this insect infestation problem.

Contact us today or browse our website at Pestatermite to find out more on cost estimates and insight on how we can help get rid of insects at your property.


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