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Been on holiday this summer and came back to a house infested with cockroaches?

This is not as strange as we would like to believe, there might have been a full trash bag left in the bin in your house for a week or even a few crumbs on the floor, this is more than enough to lure these pests to your house.

The other reason why this might have happened when you were on holiday can also be the lack of movement in the house and they had the house for themselves with no threat of humans trying to get rid of them or disturbing them while they infest.


Where do cockroaches infest?

Cockroaches prefer dark and moist places where they can breed and hide such as under or behind refrigerators, dishwashers and under the sink. If you see dark brown cockroach during the day or even at night-time, you definitely have a cockroach infestation.

These unhygienic insects carry diseases and can be seen as the dirtiest insect. These insects mostly come out at night-time because it is dark, and another major factor is that is when the house is most likely quiet and there are no humans present in the kitchen or other spaces in the house.


What to do when my house has a cockroach infestation?

  • Clean your house frequently to prevent cockroach infestations
  • Clean your house before you go on holiday
  • Throw out the trash can before you go on holiday
  • Throw out the trash can regularly and clean the bin.
  • Ensure that all the dishes are washed and removed from the dishwasher or sink
  • Ensure that there are no food crumbs or items on your kitchen table


These tips will definitely help to prevent such an infestation in the future, but these tips will not remove the current infestation you have in your house.

There are various DIY methods to get rid of cockroaches but none of them are as effective as our treatments at Pestatermite.

Contact our specialists at Pestatermite immediately so we can get rid of these insects for you. We have the perfect tools, products, and expert pest control specialists to ensure that the infestation gets terminated immediately and to prevent that any cockroach infest your property again.  We are here to ensure that these insects are terminated for good and that these insects are no longer a nuisance to you or your family.


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