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Ant Infestation; Can it be harmful?

Ants are small brown or black insects found on surfaces around the world. These insects can cause a lot of damage and might even be harmful in some cases. It is, therefore, very important to get rid of an ant infestation if it is causing damage or can lead to harm. Ants can contribute to the following problems:

  • Property Damage – Ants are known to cause damage to homes, buildings, and other structures. They can burrow into walls, ceilings, and floors, causing structural damage. Ants also tend to gnaw on electrical wires and pipes, which can be hazardous.
  • Health Concerns – Ants can spread diseases and germs by carrying bacteria and pathogens on their bodies. They can also contaminate food sources, making them unsafe for consumption. In addition, some species of ants can bite and sting, causing pain, swelling, and other health problems.
  • Allergic Reactions – Some people are allergic to ant venom and can experience severe reactions if bitten or stung. These reactions can range from mild symptoms such as itching and swelling to more severe symptoms such as difficulty breathing and anaphylaxis.


How to Get Rid of Ant Infestations?

There are several ways you can try to get rid of ant infestations, these are:

  • Identification – The first step in getting rid of an ant infestation is to identify the type of ant species present in your home. This will help you choose the right method of control.
  • Eliminate Food Sources – Ants are attracted to food and will invade your home in search of a food source. To prevent ants from coming into your home, eliminate all food sources, and store food in airtight containers.
  • Use Chemical Control – Chemical control is the most common method of getting rid of ant infestations. You can use ant baits, sprays, and dusts to kill ants and their colonies. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and avoid using chemical control methods near food sources. DYI methods can cost unnecessary money if you do not have professional guidance or advice to work from.
  • Natural Control – If you prefer a natural approach, you can use natural remedies to get rid of ants. For example, vinegar, lemon juice, and borax are known to repel ants. You can also use diatomaceous earth, which is a powder that dries out ants, killing them. These DYI methods, however, are not guaranteed to work and will not be sustainable for the long run. It is, therefore, best to make use of professional pest control services to get rid of the ant infestation on your property.


Ant infestations can be harmful, and it is important to take action to get rid of them. At Pestatermite we can assist you to successfully get rid of an ant infestation.

Contact us today and browse our website, at Pestatermite we have the experience, tools, and expertise to safely and effectively get rid of ant infestations in your home.


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